Hi everyone and welcome to Cascade Hiking Adventures! Today begins my new adventure as a blogger. Never did I think I would be a blogger. If you would like to learn how I ended up here check out my About Matt page.

The intent of this blog is much like that of a hiking book. I will personally be hiking and backpacking as much as I can and post trip reports here. I will post a detailed description including length (mileage and time), difficulty level and type of hike. I will also include great view points, exceptional lunch spots, swimming holes, and so much more. For overnight backpack trips I will search out the best camp sites and water sources.

This will, of course, always be evolving and I welcome any input you may have. I intend to collect a lot of data on every hike and may, at some point, include GPS files with waypoints for all the great spots I find.

Until my first adventure, take care!

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